Lord Of The Flies Piggy Characteristics

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Riding on a plane away to a new location and you plane suddenly crashes and you are stranded on an island,what will you do?Away from any other rolemodel,no one to guide you or help you.You are alone with children that are becoming more and more untamable every day,you need a leader, someone to trust and look up to.Someone strong and gallant.In William Golding's Lord of the Flies the boys need to learn how to survive on an island by themselves they will need a leader.Piggy is the least likely to ensure survival on the island because Piggy doesn't really show aggressiveness and stand out to show leadership skills, is unhealthy and is disrespected by the boys. Piggy is disrespected by the rest of the boys multiple times in the book Lord of the Flies. If piggy isn't respected without being a leader the boys will become wilder and wilder everyday. In the beginning of the book lord of the Flies, piggy tells Ralph that his school bullies used to call him “Piggy” and Ralph continuously called him piggy but he didn't like that,but that is not the only time Piggy is disrespected.On the island Piggy needs to be respected to be leader. Without respect Piggy as a leader will be no help to the boys .…show more content…
Throughout the book piggy has not shown much aggressive behavior.The boys need a leader that will standout and makes them feel inspired. In lord of the flies Piggy tends to act shy, but when he shows a little aggressive behavior the boys start to disrespect him. Piggy may be a good leader because of his logic and reasoning but he need to show leadership
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