Lord Of The Flies Piggy Monologue

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They were at a airport in England, waiting anxiously for their parents to pick them up. Parents were slowly trickling into the station and searched for their children
Ralph: I am finally home (tears gathering in his eyes that looks like piggy aunty clutching a inhaler
Ralph: are you piggy’s aunt?
Aunt: you mean willam, I thought he hated that nickname piggy, but yes I am his aunt, where is he?
Ralph: u-umm… I’m sorry to tell you but pig-willam died on the island, well he was murdered really. I’m so sorry.
Aunt: crying and yelling “you savage and murderer”
Father: come here son that women has gone crazy, are you okay Ralph
Ralph: Dad! (Hugs him) yes
Ralph: Simon and piggy they died, they were murdered (crying as they leave the station)
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Father: anyways a officer is downstairs and wants to hear your side of the story
Ralph: thinking “oh no their here to arrest me, all the other boys put the blame on me”
Father: I will bring him up, get ready quickly
Father: knocks on door, Ralph son these officers have come and has questions for you
Police: we 've been to a few of the other boys that were on the island and they all said you were the leader, and that you were the one they all looked up to. Is that true?
Ralph: yes
Police: so you were their leader?
Ralph yes
Police: can you tell us your story then? We need to hear how it happened, Ralph, we can help.
Ralph: no, No I 'm not reliving it ever again.
Police: please, you were the leader; we need to hear your side of the story to help
Ralph: well it’s true I almost died on that island, and two of my friends did. I am NEVER talking about it again, it this one time
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