Ralph's Leadership Style In Lord Of The Flies

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Introduction The insanity of man can never be underestimated when man loses his focus on his oneness with his brother. The novel, Lord of the Flies, seeks to identify the flaws of society (jealousy, power, greed, violence etc.) and find it’s source in the nature of human beings. By watching the boys engage in battle, we are reminded of the aptitude of humanity to be evil, and how the morality of man is merely superficial. The severed pig’s head represents what the Greeks call Beelzebub, or the prince of demons (the devil). The devil embodies the ruining, deterioration, and demoralization of humanity. The lord of the flies symbolizes the “id” and it’s purpose is solely to safeguard survival. Your personal morals, the law, and intellect become…show more content…
Authentic leadership prioritizes positive results instead of focusing on defects, and stimulates the trust of the followers (p.64). It also symbolizes the degree to which managers, today, are behaving openly towards their subordinates by valuing their input and revealing themselves, allowing others to assess them. This is a very positive approach to leadership and I think that anyone using this leadership style is very admirable, however one should not make the same mistake Ralph made in the novel. The flaw in Ralph's leadership style was the production of rules. He didn't have anything to back up his leadership. In fact, one can say that he had too much respect for the boys. In chapter 3, Ralph places emphasis on building huts, because he realizes that it will benefit all the boys. In this regard, Ralph was an authentic leader in the sense that his desired end product was something positive which they all needed. Although he becomes frustrated, because of the lack of assistance, he continues to think of ways to increase the possibility of being…show more content…
A large amount of employers do not realize that some employees may have to wake up early in the morning to walk long distances to get to work. Frequently we find that this person is the only one in the family who is employed, and by walking to work they save money for other necessities their family may need. These people often return home after the sun has set due to the long walking distance between work and home. Hence it is important that leaders in the workplace should apply
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