Lord Of The Flies Book Report

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Second Draft This semester, we have finished the book called “The lord of the flies” wrote by William Golding. It’s a story about a group of boy survived in a barren island, and waiting for rescue, at first, they were very peace and help each other. But they have no longer help each other anymore, they separate into two groups, Jack and Ralph. Jack group was returned to the wild, become primitive ; Ralph group was still in civilization, waiting for help. However Two of the Ralph group member were killed by Jack group---Simon and Piggy. Ralph could only escape from them, at the end Jack group burn the forest and tried to find out Ralph and killed him, Ralph rush out of the forest and fall off on the beach, a group of Navy found and got shock what they have done. That’s all the story. Can book make us understand the story more clearly? More lively? Most of the people might think that “ Of course movie, it’s shows the story direct to you.” No! That is absolutely wrong. Some people might say “you must be kidding me, movie is much more…show more content…
In the movie you would only see their face, and you could only read what they’re thinking from their face. For example, in the movie “the lord of the flies (1990)”, near the end of the movie, we saw that the Ralph is running from jack, they were held the homemade spears yelling and screaming chasing the Ralph till the end of the movie, the lens was so fast that just a few moment finish this view, we even can’t read the psychological from their face clearly, that’s hard to know their psychological moods. In the book [Jack] tried to convey the compulsion to track down and kill that was swallowing him up."I went on. I thought, by myself—"The madness came into his eyes again."I thought I might kill." From that quote from the book, it has deep depression to me, why? Cause have lots of psychical
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