Lord Of The Flies Savage Analysis

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Human savagery is when people do acts that are out of the ordinary. Humans are born savage because people don’t learn how to do outrageous acts. Also, savage acts are usually considered as violent which people don’t teach you, which means you learn it as you progress through life. An example of a text that demonstrates the effects of human savagery is Lord of the Flies by William Golding. At the start of this novel, the next world war was about to start, and a plane crashes on an inhabited island which kills the pilot and some of the schoolboys. Then the boys find themselves on an island which has no supervision, and they have to figure out what they want to do. Ralph, the leader who uses a conch shell to call the group together, tries to set rules to keep…show more content…
One reason humans are inherently savage is that they hurt innocent animals. An example from Lord of the Flies that demonstrates the savagery humans are capable of is the scene where Jack gets his spear to catch a pig. As the boys sharpen a stick to form a spear, Jack uses the spear to trail a pig, but the pig runs away from him. Jack then becomes irritated and walks back to the beach where he finds the boys building huts for the younger ones to live in. "Rescue? Yes, of course! All the same, I 'd like to catch a pig first" He snatched up his spear and dashed it into the ground. The opaque, mad look came into his eyes again.” (Golding 53) The phrase “I’d like to catch a pig first” from the previous quote shows that Jack wants to catch a pig to possibly do things with it. Also, the word “catch” from the previous quote confirms that Jack wants to capture the pig. The phrase “snatched up his spear” from the quote shows that Jack forcibly grabbed his spear which shows savagery. Also, the word “snatched” from the phrase shows the force used to grab the spear to eventually capture the pig. The phrase “dashed it into the
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