Jack And Lord Of The Flies Comparison Essay

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What do they become? “What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?” There are two kinds ' of people, the one who tries to survive no matter what and the kind that tries to survive by rules. The diversity of this to people be come really clear, with Jack and Ralph. Jack and Ralph have a lot of conflicts with each other. They both want to be leader and both of them think that they know best. The book is about boys who crash on a desert island. They have to find a way to survive until they get rescued. Ralph and Piggy meet each other after their plane crashed. They walk to the beach, wondering if there are more boys on the island. Ralph finds a conchs, and blows on it. There are coming more boys out of the woods. Then they choose a leader. Ralph and jack both want to be the leader, Ralph wins. Ralph still gives Jack the job to hunt and keep the fire on that will get them rescued. Once they forget to keep the fire on and right then there is a ship, but it did not see them. Piggy gets upset with Jack, and Jack breaks one of Piggy’s glasses. After this Jack and his hunter cruel starts acting like savages, and do not care about the rules. One night when Sam and Eric are on watch they see something fall down from the sky, they think its some kind of beast. When Jack and Ralph go find out what it is they think it is some kind of monkey. But it is a dead parachutist, they do not know that. To satisfy the beastie, Ralph and the hunters go hunting for a animal that they…show more content…
The first conflict is about who gets to be the leader. When Jack and Ralph meet the argue about how they have to call Jack. “Why should I be Jack? I’m Merridew”, Says Jack. When they all gather they call it a meeting. At this meeting they are going to pick a leader. Jack and Ralph want to be leader, so the boys vote. The most votes go to Ralph, so Ralph is there leader. But Ralph gives Jack some responsibility, Jack can hunt and keep the fire
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