Lord Of The Flies Smoke Analysis

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In this essay I will be discussing the “smoke“ and what it stands for as a symbol in the Lord of the Flies. I’ll explain how the smoke symbol changes and connects with society and the storyline of the book. The smoke stands for what separates the boys from beasts and it is the hope for of rescue from becoming entirely beasts. I think the smoke is a more overlooked symbol than other more obvious symbols like one of the main characters Piggy and his glasses. However the smoke changes in significant meaningful ways which could be seen as parallels of basic human instincts.

Smoke is usually seen as a dark and mysterious disappearing shape that can hide but also is a warning or a signal for help. Smoke is also associated with obscurity and
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Throughout Lord of the Flies, more characters start to gradually lose these qualities which make us human.
“The fire's the most important thing. Without the fire we can't be rescued. (Ralph would) like to put on war-paint and be a savage…(but) we must stay by the fire and make smoke.” (pg.142)
The smoke also is a way of saving the boys from dieing on the island when they created a huge fire that was destroying the whole island and a navy officer saw the smoke in the distance. It is also is a signal that some the boys at least remain partially humanized and need to saved from becoming fully savages.
In many of the chapters from Lord of The Flies the narrator describes the smoke as “...a thin trickle...” (pg.41) or “a thread of white...” (pg…142) This signifies the dwindling amount of humanity. Another important quote on pg.197 explains how Ralph, a character constantly fighting to keep a fire going (and therefore trying to remain more human than the others)is being driven away and becoming separated. “ (the boys) had smoked (ralph) out and set the island on
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