Lord Of The Flies Survival Analysis

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Instinct for Survival in Lord of the Flies
Surviving! It is the goal of every species, including humans. Some achieve it and others do not. It will depend on their organization as a species, their strength, environment, and survival skills. Surviving is defined as remaining alive under adverse or unusual circumstances. It is continuing to live after the occurrence of some events. In the novel Lord of the Flies, the children represent human beings’ innate instinct for survival through teamwork and dealing with experiences that make them fit to survive. They establish order within their group by assigning roles and prove the theory of natural selection through the survival of the fittest. It is all the experiences they go through and the actions
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Herbert Spencer has expressed the same idea by the survival of the fittest” (Darwin 6). Survival of the fittest is a 19th century concept of human society, inspired by the principle of natural selection, postulating that those who are eliminated in the struggle for existence are the unfit. It is a term developed by Herbert Spencer to describe Darwin’s concept of natural selection. Spencer’s concept of survival of the fittest refers to a greater probability that fit as oppose to unfit individuals will survive some test or event, by adapting to their environment.
The story of the children in Lord of the Flies, is an example of Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection and Spencer’s concept of survival of the fittest applied to human beings. All species, including human beings, have an innate instinct for survival. Nonetheless, they are not always able to survive. In order to survive, an individual has to have a series of characteristics. An important characteristic of a species with the ability to survive is having a hierarchical structure and organization. This can also be described by the term civilizing, building an order within the
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For any living organism, eating is necessary to survive. Ralph as leader of the surviving kids establishes rules and implements order. He orders them to hunt pigs to feed his people. In situations like the story in the novel Lord of the Flies, they had to develop a plan to get food; they had to learn to hunt to be able to survive.
Also, to be able to survive, human beings have to defend themselves from danger. In the novel, the younger kids say that they have heard and seen an unknown beast that leaves in the island. For this reason, Ralph and the other kids prepare themselves to confront the beast if it attacks them. They train and become stronger to fight the beast and survive. Their effort to become stronger, proves Spencer’s theory of survival of the fittest. Only one of them, either the kids or the beast, can survive. Therefore, the children work to be stronger than the beast and
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