Lord Of The Flies Symbols Analysis

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Golding’s Use of Symbolism in LORD of the Flies

Symbols are used in allegories, themes, and almost every story. Symbols are physical things that have other meanings to it. This story is about how savagery takes over a group of boys on the island, which leads to destruction. In the book, LORD of the Flies by William Golding, the author demonstrates the idea of how savagery can take over inner morals throughout the use of symbols. The order of the symbols is as presented the conch, the face painted masks, and finally Piggy’s glasses.

The conch represents civilization and authority. However, later the conch starts to lose the sense of the authority. Everybody respects the conch at the beginning of the book. “Ralph smiled and held up the conch for silence.” (Golding 30). This is showing how the boys respect the conch and the power of the conch, by Ralph raising it and everyone becomes silent. Piggy had the most respect for the conch because he barely gets to touch it. Piggy also shows how important the conch is to him. “I got the conch…you let me speak!” (58). Piggy had a lot of respect for the conch. He was yelling at the other boys because he still thinks it carries a sense of authority and he believed in that. After the book progresses some boys start to follow the
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Also, some objects that he symbolized started to change the meaning because savagery starts taking over the island and the boys start to think and act differently. Some of the symbols used that support the theme are the conch, the painted face mask, and piggy’s glasses. Once again the symbols point out savagery takes over. There were rules on the island so that there are rights and wrongs but there was no punishment for the wrongs. This made some boys disobey the rules and the inner savagery rises and eats up their
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