Lord Of The Flies The Unthinkable Analysis

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The Unthinkable
Boom! Crash! Years ago the boys had crashed landed on the island.The island was full of water canals, the big blue ocean, coconuts, creepers, death, and the unexpected but no shelter. A task on the island was builidng shelter and finding supplies for living. As seen on the island and the attitudes of the boys, “Been working for days now. And look!”(golding 50). The boys did not want to work nor find supplies. As it influnced, Three boys had been killed through savagery and injustice. As this huge black boat had approached the island, a navy seal found the boys and boarded them on his boat. The navy began to talk and told the boys to find a seat towards the back of the boat and asked, “Where do you boys belong?” and Jack responded
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During the boat ride, Jack argued with Ralph about how the parents would find out about the death of both Piggy, Simon, and the boy with the birthmark died too. As Jack always argued with Ralph about anything and everything just as on the island, “ The madness came into his eyes again” (golding 51). As the navy seal docked the boys got out of the boat and their parents awaited them and both simon’s and piggy’s parents were present. As the other boys parents greeted the boys, simons mom was standing there looking very muddled. Simons dad, Bob had been killed in a automobile accident while Simon was at the mysterious island. Piggys mom waited standing there screaming because she knew something was not right with Piggy not being with the rest of the boys.She didn’t know that the boys picked and called him “the fat boy”(Golding 10). The boys began talk and told Piggy's mom, that there was quick sand on the island. The sand took him under and it had washed him out to sea. No one could save Piggy in time. Simon mysteriously went missing one night, the boys went to sleep and woke up the next morning and he was nowhere to be found. The parents did not believe these lies and eventually the truth came
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