The Unthinkable In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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The Unthinkable Boom! Crash! Years ago the boys had crashed landed on the island.The island was full of water canals, the big blue ocean, coconuts, creepers, death, and the unexpected but no shelter. A task on the island was builidng shelter and finding supplies for living. As seen on the island and the attitudes of the boys, “Been working for days now. And look!”(golding 50). The boys did not want to work nor find supplies. As it influnced, Three boys had been killed through savagery and injustice. As this huge black boat had approached the island, a navy seal found the boys and boarded them on his boat. The navy began to talk and told the boys to find a seat towards the back of the boat and asked, “Where do you boys belong?” and Jack responded “We need to go back to England”. The other…show more content…
The judge asked, “What happened to piggy?”. The first to say something was Ralph saying, “ Jack and his team let a bolder hit him in the head”. The judge makes a very distinct face.Judge Judy ask several questions then she ordered that Jack must go to a juvenile school for a year. The judge then asked “What happened to Simon”? Jack began to stutter, “We thought he was the beastie”. The judge asked, “What's this thing you call a beastie?” Ralph answers, “A monster, and we all murdered him by beating him and stabbing him because we thought he was the beastie”. We always “saw something big and horrid moving in the trees”(Golding 85).The judge was enranged. Simons mother had begun to sob even harder, saying to herself, “I can't believe this”. Simons dad even began to cry. The judge ordered all the boys to a year in jail, and Jack to a juvenile school for a year after his year in jail depending on his actions. The boys would also have this agansit them for the rest of their lives and if any of the boys ever commited another crime they would remain in jail for the rest of their
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