William Golding's Lord Of The Flies: War Allegory

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Lord of the Flies: War Allegory Colin Badalona M. Klincket 3rd period 10-16-14 Imagine you were dropped on an island with a bunch of boys you might have or might not have anything in common with. When they first met each other there is a competition to be the alpha male of the society but once there is an established leader when you don't agree with some of the decisions that he makes you will want to rebel and start you own society or take him out. This can lead to a power struggle which can lead to war. In the book Lord of the Flies all these lead into a miniature war with in the island “paradise”. The physical appearance of the boy and the island deteriorates as the time past. You can see this even on the first few pages of the book. One they make a crash landing on the island and describe the island Golding makes it look like an island paradise. On pg.18 they are describing the shell as creamy white and beautiful looking. As the story when on pg.118 Golding describe the conch as, “Exposure to the air had bleached the yellow and pink to near-white, and transparency.“ You can see how the author is showing not only the boys but their…show more content…
After the first vote they had put Ralph in charger so he was like the general of the army on page 29.Jack still wanted power so that is why he made a group called the hunters that were mostly older boys from the choir. On page 182 you can see how Jack is the Lieutenant that want to be general before he is ready. So he creates a new society on the other side of the island and says,“And another thing. We shan’t dream so much down here. This is near the end of the island.” This is pretty much the opposite of what Ralph said and he wants to start a new society so he is trying to say his rules are better than Ralph’s. I think Cox said it well with this quote “the lure of totalitarianism (Jack)” basically described how he ran his
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