Lord Of The Flies: Was Ralph A Good Leader?

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After reading Lord of the Flies I asked myself a question, was Ralph a good leader or not? In my opinion Ralph was a decent leader, but he could’ve been better. He was a good leader in some ways, but he wasn’t in other ways. Some readers argue that Jack would’ve been a better leader than Ralph. I think if Jack and Ralph became co leaders they would’ve succeeded more in bettering the tribe and surviving more as a group. Since the beginning of the book Ralph and Jack were having some tension over who became leader, but later Jack took it way too far. While Jack was busy going insane Ralph was still holding on to sanity. Ralph’s motivations at first were his ideas of getting rescued by his dad. Later he realized no one knew that they were …show more content…

Ralph was handsome and had fair hair which made him seem like a more leader like figure to the others. He also showed some initiative by blowing the conch to get all the stranded boys’ attention. At another time when Samneric spotted the “beast” (the parachutist) going through the air and land on top of the mountain no one but Ralph, Simon, and Jack volunteered to go investigate it. This showed that Ralph was somewhat brave and he showed good initiative. Out of all the boys I think that Ralph was probably the most sane. While everyone else was hunting, playing, and having fun Ralph and Simon were busy working on the shelters with no one else’s help. Even though no one really followed the rules, Ralph still tried to somewhat obey …show more content…

Ralph contributed to Simon’s death when he got caught will the dance and all of the others. They were all dancing around the fire while one of them was acting like a pig, and they saw something come out of the forest and thought it was the “beast”. All of the boys went after this thing and killed it with their teeth and claws, but later they realized it was actually Simon. All of the boys contributed to this death including Ralph. Ralph was also a bad leader because he did not have the guts to fight Jack back. He didn’t really enforce the rules very well either which led to everyone doing whatever they felt like doing. Ralph also never had the guts to stand up for Piggy because he was afraid of Jack. A leader shouldn’t fear one of his tribe member. This showed Ralph was weak and was not very

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