Lord Of The Glies In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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“I’m frightened. Of us.” That quote (p.140) was spoken by the main protagonist, Ralph, in Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding after Ralph’s friend, Simon, was killed by the “animalistic” actions of the other boys. Golding explores a whole new world of fiction in his unique twist and style of writing. The novel, can really make us ponder on what really the young boys were thinking and therefore acting upon during their unexpected “vacation” to a deserted island. The boys’ age varied from six to twelve and they all made poor choices, even the oldest of the boys, throughout the whole plot. In Lord of the Flies, the young boys’ age affects the way they act because their age influences their ability to cause death, fighting, and natural disasters that cause a downfall in their small, weak empire. What causes an empire to crumble to pieces? In Lord of the Flies, it was the boy’s poor choices. In the beginning of the novel (chapter 3), Jack, the antagonist, is defiant and chooses to hunt for animals rather than help his fellow survivors build shelter on the beach. Jack angered Ralph due to Jack’s unhelpful actions to the point where their arguing was almost too common. Ralph was elected leader among the boys and when Jack was not elected, he needed to prove himself and he needed to gain the other boys’ respect if he was ever going to be in power. Their empire was already starting to fall just because someone did not get what they wanted. In chapter two, page 40,

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