William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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“I’m frightened. Of us.” That quote (p.140) was spoken by the main protagonist, Ralph, in Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding after Ralph’s friend, Simon, was killed by the “animalistic” actions of the other boys. Golding explores a whole new world of fiction in his unique twist and style of writing. The novel, can really make us ponder on what really the young boys were thinking and therefore acting upon during their unexpected “vacation” to a deserted island. The boys’ age varied from six to twelve and they all made poor choices, even the oldest of the boys, throughout the whole plot. In Lord of the Flies, the young boys’ age affects the way they act because their age influences their ability to cause death, fighting, and natural…show more content…
Their young mindset tempts them to see the worst. They act upon their poor thoughts.The boys argue where the beast comes from and when Simon suggests it comes from the water, the boys laugh and make fun of him. They then continue to argue and eventually Jack splits with his hunter followers to go find out for themselves. Jack felt the need that if he proved whether the beast was out there, that maybe he would be able to gain some of the respect he thinks he deserves. Simon, being one of the wiset boys, said, “Maybe there is a beast...maybe it’s only us…” (Chapter 5, page 80). Some boys believe that there is a wild beast roaming about and others think that it is nonsense. The boys are beginning to split up and divide themselves over the thought of a silly creature when in reality, they should be packing together. A dead parachutist lands on the island, stuck in the rocks and trees and the boys mistake it for the beast. The boys have officially decided that continuing hunting on the island is better than trying to get off the island which makes Ralph very angry. Jack seems very happy with the decision and doesn 't care what Ralph thinks which leads to even more separation between the boys (Chapter 6). Jack calls for meeting and insults Ralph and asks Ralph to step down from Chief position and the boys say no. Jack escapes into the forest and the biguns follow him and join his side. The littluns stay with Ralph and gather wood. (Chapter 8). The fall of the empire is very much alive and the boys’ separation is not just two groups of people splitting up, it is two groups of strength
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