Lord Of The Rings: Frodo Baggins Archetype

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In Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, the fight for control of Middle Earth’s future reached its final confrontation. Hobbits Frodo and Sam finally reach the city of Mordor in their quest to obliterate “one ring”. Aragorn is leading the forces of good against the evil forces of Sauron at Minas Tirith. In Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, there are many literary archetypes that can be seen and interpreted throughout the movie. Gollum can be seen as the trickster, Gandalf as the magician, and the Lord of the Nazgul as the witch, just to name a few. Gollum is the black and bestial creature who owned the ring prior to Bilbo. He constantly pursues Frodo throughout the movie in order to try and get the ring back. He acts as the trickster archetype because he acts kind of like a double agent. Initially, he helps Frodo and Sam through with their quest and acts…show more content…
Frodo Baggins acts as the hero archetype because of several of his characteristics. He had quiet determination and bravery in order to secure then destroy the ring. He succeeded in a task that no other man or woman would undertake, which was to destroy the ring. Another heroic characteristic that Frodo exhibits is the ability to inspire others like Sam Gamgee to act heroically themselves. Basically, Frodo is an honorable courageous individual. Another worthy character in this Lord of the Rings film is Gandalf the white, or the great wizard. He is the leader of the west forces. In the movie, he functions as a soldier and a mystic. He uses his power of speech to berate his enemies. Gandalf acts as the magician archetype because he has supernatural abilities. However, he uses his supernatural ability sparingly and is powerful in other respects. He thinks before he speaks and uses his power of speech to put down anyone that tries to attack his forces. He thinks out what he wants to do very thoroughly and then puts that plan into
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