Film Summary And Film Analysis: The Lord Of War

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Released in 2005, Lord of War is a crime war film, with the beginning set in the 1980s when the Cold War had begun to thaw. The time frame of the film sheds light on the dark world of illicit arms trafficking, a global menace that has claimed lots of lives since the end of the Cold War. Yuri Orlov is an opportunistic businessman who finds fortune after the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union. Huge reserves of Soviet weapons became available at bargain rates, and as billions of dollars' worth of Soviet machinery vanished, it found its way in the hands of weapons dealers keen to sell it to the highest bidder. Orlov was one such dealer who found plenty of buyers for arms in unstable Third World nations, who made payments in cash and didn't like many questions. His first big break came in the Lebanon War of 1982, where Yuri and his brother witness…show more content…
A strong point about the film is that it’s based so much on reality and so much of what Yuri says actually does make sense. The protagonist emphasis on the point that if he doesn’t sell arms to factions, someone else will. Further the conflicts portrayed in the film are all real conflicts in real countries, particularly those in Lebanon, Sudan, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Liberia, Colombia and Sierra Leone, help in capturing the essence of what is happening in the world and how serious the issue is. movie’s dialog are enjoyable, with some really good banter and amazing quotes including “I never did business with Osama bin Laden, not on any moral grounds, but back then he was bouncing checks. However I do feel that the film promoted violence, as big bangs and the sights of corpses and gushing blood have long been the routine of certain movies, which partly explains why the bangs are getting louder, the bloodletting more

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