Lord Peter: Summary

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What we see in section four is that it once again begins to the narrative of the three brothers. We have Peter, who has completely gone against his fathers wishes and become arrogant and greedy. Peter, who is now goes by Lord Peter, being the eldest claims that he is entitled to a wide range of honors, titles, and the likes. Furthermore, Peter embarks on many countless ambitious endeveaours from breeding a new kind of bull to handing out pardons to criminals. Peter becomes obsessed and self absorbed, allowing his wealth to turn him into an arrogant and unliked a man. As a result, his new found delusions of grandor and self-importance to aid in his brothers however. His brothers attempt to intervene and help their brother to become a good man once again. Unfortuantely, they are unable to get him to once again see reason, therefore they leave him. Revist their father’s will and come to a new found…show more content…
Lord Peter’s first undertaking was “to purchase a large continent, lately said to have been discovered in Terra Sutralis incognita” the books states that this is in fact purgatory and the endeveaour of “erecting a new whisper house” is most likely a referral to confession. In addition, we also are introduced to this practice of the sale of “indulgences”, Jonathan Smith, seems to greatly condemn this practice, justifiably so, since it allows people who have commited terrible misdeeds to simply pay the church a sum of money and be free to go. Furthermore, there was the practice of payment prior to committing a sin. Buying insurance againt commiting a sin, something any rational being should view as a dangerous and horrendous idea. Nearing the end of the section, we have the two brothers who also openly and vividly condemn this practice. This symbolysis the Protestant Church’s complaints about the Catholic Church at that
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