Lord Smith Poem Analysis

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(04:09-04:46)”I want to live in a world where my son will not be presumed guilty the moment he is born, where a toy in his hand isn 't mistaken for anything other than a toy.” This is a little part of Clint smith´s powerful talk, where he talks about how it was to raise a black son in America. Clint Smith 's talk which is filmed Marts 2015 described how politician and discrimination had a big influence on how his parents raised him. How he through as a child and never understood why he cut not do the same things as other white children. He had so many questions concerning his obligations, but his parents never told him, it was first when he got older he understood how afraid his parents was for losing him, they knew the consequences of a…show more content…
The reason for Clint Smith is very well formulated is because of his choice of words. He use for example: profoundly, melanin synonymous, determined. But at the same time his way of telling this poem, makes it so special and fascinating, as a reader you are being drawn in to his childhood, his world, just by the thing he says. If you only look at the text, you will actually fell that same as if you hear him saying it out loud. It is like he is telling a story, first he starts out with something that everybody that is listing to him understand, and in that way he already have the audience attention (00:11) “Growing up, I didn 't always understand why my parents made me follow the rules that they did” afterwoods he go on an and tell about the issue there have been. His language change a bit in time with the story´s development, the first part of his poem, the view is from when he way a boy and therefore he use a lot of question marks. When he later on in his poem get older and starts to understand things he did not before as a child his language gets better well formulated( 00:26) “Their parenting always sought to reconcile the tension between having my siblings and I understand the realities of
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