Lord Vishnu And Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

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“Evolution is the change in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection”. It relies on the fact that there is a genetic variation in the population which affects the phenotype (physical characteristics) of an organism. It involves mutation, natural selection, genetic drift, thought and technology. In this essay I will be doing a comparison of the Dashavatar of Lord Vishnu and Darwin’s theory of evolution and analysing it. Following are the avatars of Lord Vishnu:-
1) Matsya- this avatar is depicted as that of a fish or a human torso connected to the tail of a fish.
2) Kurma- Kurma is the incarnation
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Since, water is the most essential element required for survival, that is where life originated and Vishnu’s first avatar was also that of a specie belonging to the ocean that is, a fish ( Matsya).
2) The next stage was where according to Darwin, the species started coming out of water and as a result of this, the started developing features that helped them survive inside water and on land and Vishnu’s second avatar was that of an amphibian (Kurma).
3) The next step according to Darwin in evolution was the ability to travel on ground and travel long distances. In this case, legs started developing and Vishnu’s third avatar was that of a boar (Varaha).
4) The fourth avatar of Vishnu was that of a Half lion-Half man and according to Darwin, the next evolutionary stage was that of the partial human beings being evolved. So, the half-man, half-lion avatar ( Narsimha) was the possible indication towards the evolution of the first partial human beings.
5) Darwin’s theory suggests that the earlier form of apes that human beings evolved from were shorter in height compared to today’s human beings and Vishnu’s fifth incarnation was that of a dwarf
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Vishnu’s sixth avatar was that of the cave dwelling early man (Parshuram). He lived as a primitive man in a cave. He represented extreme anger and in Darwin’s studies these are the traits associated with ‘early men’. This stage suggests that mannerisms are yet to be evolved.
7) The next stage of evolution according to Darwin was that of the ‘perfect man’ and the seventh avatar of Vishnu was that of Lord Ram who symbolizes the ‘perfect man’. This stage represents the fact that man has completely evolved along with the basic manners and etiquettes.
8) The next avatar is that of Lord Krishna who represents diplomacy, political understanding and manipulation. In the theory of evolution, this is the representation of advanced human civilization.
9) The ninth avatar of Buddha represents self-enlightenment amongst the homo sapiens. To conclude, I would like to say that I completely agree with the fact that the dashavatar does indeed represent the modern theory of evolution. Not only Darwin’s theory but also various other modern theories of evolution. There are certain reports that suggest the otherwise but due to lack of relevance, they are no referred

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