Lore Heumann: A Short Story

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I’m Lore Heumann I was 13 years I died in the holocaust here is my life story.

I was the youngest child of my family the only children in my family was me and my big sister margot, I was born into to jewish in a village close to the belgian border. My family lived close to our general store. And around the street was my grandpa he kept cows and horse in his farm, grandma said that she had to go somewhere for a long time, it’s been six months seen I saw her. I loved talk to my friends and to play with my dolls my parents bought me. When I turn one me and my family moved to the city of Lippstadt I had to say goodbye to my friends and my grandpa.The
Lippe river flowed beyond the large garden in the back of our new house. I took care of the garden they were roses,tulips,and so many daffodils.

When was 6 years old, my family moved to a nearby city of bielefeld, that whe and my family entered me into a public school I was so happy that I got to go to school and make new friends ,but a year later I felt uneasy everyone was staring at me ,my friends didn’t talk to me I kept hearing whispers about me and every time I ask what there doing
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When we arrived I saw my grandma she was thin as if she hadn’t eaten in days she looked very sick and she could barely do anything be herself. Grandma said that grandpa died a few weeks ago because of starvation I was shocked by news , but my parents were speechless I looked around the smell was horrible, very looked as if the could collapse at any moment.when we were there I attend a jewish school lead by jewish teacher ,but it was very hard to pay attention because I was always hungry. Was 13 my parents and I were sent to to Auschwitz they said we were going to take to take a shower,they lied to us a few minutes after I started fill tried, I felt like I couldn 't breath,I fell asleep and I never waking
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