Lorenzo De Medici Analysis

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Some men are just “normal”, not looking for power and wanting to live a normal life. That wasn’t Lorenzo de’ Medici, this was not a man that wanted little from the world, this was the real Don Corleone. He didn’t need to ask, he could just take. He was someone to be feared and even his enemies would not move against him and hope to live and those that did move against them would fail to eliminate him, neither the Pazzi’s or Ferdinand I had the ability to defeat him. He while he was a sort of Stateman, he was more Kennedy than Roosevelt but without the high level administrative wit either of them had. That never hid, they that had it all, he was a made man, and he did not need to report to anyone, the kind a man a person could admire. I grew up in a low-income area where you always thought about making it big and while Lorenzo de’ Medici was not from a poor family by a long shot that is that kind of man you wanted to be. You would see men…show more content…
Just like the noble families of Italy that controlled their cities had been placed in a precarious situation where they needed to exert power to survive. This is the connection I make to an Italian nobleman that 525 years ago. While the Medici and Lorenzo did not suffer as much as the gang leaders in my community, they acted with the same goal in mind, power. I saw this when I was young and that was what we all talked about, how we were going to have money, be feared, shot callers. We knew that these men were criminals but we didn’t see any other options for ourselves, we thought that the only way we would make any kind of success would be through that route. This was life in my youth and this was life for the Italian Families who would cheat and kill to get the upper hand on their rivals, survival of the
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