Lorenzo's Oil Film Analysis

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Activists play a great role in regards to influencing the policies of pharmaceutical companies. In the two films, the constant gardener and Lorenzo’s oil adequately showed activism. Both films show how activism influences. However, the films differ in regards to how pharmaceutical companies operate. In Lorenzo’s oil, the film is oriented through family issues and how pharmaceutical companies helped them to find cure for the their child; however, in The constant gardener, the pharmaceutical companies are going against people to gain money (Do). Many people can be classified as activists and many actions can be interpreted as activism, but this doesn’t mean that activists carry out all activism. The term activist itself is contentious, as what…show more content…
Tessa Quayle, one of the main characters in the film is considered as an outspoken woman. Tessa initially realizes that there is a major issue with the company named as three bees. The pharmaceutical company named Three Bees is testing a tuberculosis drug on the Kenyan people mainly because they know that they will get away with it. The country has no specific laws to protect the people from Kenya and they know for a fact that they will not get into trouble if something were to go bad while the drug was in its "testing" stage. The pharmaceutical company marketed the drug as free treatment and to get people to voluntarily take them. This way if they were to experience any side effects the company would not be held liable. The reason they are so aggressive and in such a hurry to test this new drug is because they want to be the first ones to come out with a drug in that class. They want to be able to make all the money they can make initially and therefore they need to have the drug out on the market. Even though the drug is producing plenty of adverse effects and has taken plenty of lives, the company believes that once they figure out the perfect dosage the drug will start helping people
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