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The argument presented by Lori Gruen questions the idea of natural and normative. Lori Gruen introduces the idea of natural, pondering the idea as something instinctual or cultural. The traditionally defended argument is that dominating animals in any sense is valid since it serves our self desires(47). Furthermore, perceiving it as an evolutionary necessity as humans developed the ability to further their own interests at the expense of moral agents. On the other hand, Gruen argues the claim of evolutionary necessity is not morally permissible, and justifying the lack of moral attention for the interests of other species for the rudimentary differences between her, a moral agent, and a moral patient. Personally, I think that Gruen’s argument…show more content…
There is only mention of “marginal” human beings, and the option to either treat non-persons at the level of marginal human beings, or vice versa. This thinking is myopic, however, because this makes treatement of marginal human beings and animals interachangeable. Eva Kittay discusses this by mentioning her daughter, and how ACM would allow for her daughter to get the same care as an animal which would be inappropriate. The very idea of treating non-persons equally to persons is valid, however, it must be treated in a case by case basis, rather than a ubiquitous solition. The reason being, the intrinsic properties of an individual cannot be the extent to which one considers its moral status, one should also consider the species, and the situation itself. This concept of equality that the critique argues, introduces the treatment of marginal human beings and non human animals, but does not focus on the vast differences that currently exist between these two parties. All things considered, if these critiques hone into species differences and proportionally how to treat each individual party with respect then these critiques would all-inclusive. All things considered, these critiques remain myopic because they do not consider conflicts of interest, especially in regards to the

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