Lorna Monologue Analysis

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As I walked into the room, I saw Mrs Hunt role played as Lorna. She rocked back and forth unconsciously as she sat down with low levels, this showed she was overpowered. Her body language and facial expressions represented her instability. She had a closed body language, this is shown as she closed her arms and kept changing her face this really showed she was mental for example when she used a sad face and converted to a happy face and started to historically laugh this showed that was really mental. The fact that she was centered in a circle with close proxemics portrayed she was been trapped in society and her past. There had been a contrast of lighting which expressed her various emotions for instance it came from white representing innocence to red. Which built climax especially with the higher levels in the end from Lorna who stood up as she became angry.
There was a prop of a bottle which symbolised an alcoholic showing she wasn’t a good Mother. This was reflected in the police report when they had said, the baby had been found faced down on the floor. It built climax as it showed that she neglected her child. Another prop that she had used was the baby’s clothes it was black which symbolised the death of her baby that she had rocked it and said’’ everything going to be alright’’ , it really showed that she was mad.
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I had used far proxemics and a closed body language to reflect my isolation of losing my baby. The baby props were effective as I had used my black blazer which symbolise the death of the baby. I used a variety of facial expressions to show Lorna at that point had mixed emotions for instance when I had historically laughed then cried it also represented that I was becoming mentally instable. The contrast in the volume was effective as it was unexpected to the audience and broke the tension as I had used a pause to built
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