Lorraine In The Pigman

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In the novel, The Pigman, written by Paul Zindel, two students named John and Lorraine meet on the bus and become best friends. John is a more rebellious student who tends to act in an infantile way at times. He is known as the “bathroom bomber,” because he always sets off bombs in the school bathrooms. Sometimes, John can be seen as an ingrate, when he takes his healthy body for granted by constantly smoking and drinking putrid beer. Lorraine, on the other hand, is not very outgoing or self-confident. This is because her mom always tells her that she is not a pretty girl and seems to lower her self esteem. On the first few weeks of school during her Freshman year, Lorraine was experiencing anxiety because she did not fit in and did not have any friends and nobody talked to her. Luckily, one day when there were no more open seats on the bus, John was forced to sit with Lorraine. They struck up a conversation when John started laughing out of nowhere. Lorraine was mortified because she thought that he was laughing at her, but after that, they became best friends. The whole incident that led up to John and Lorraine meeting the Pigman, was a telephone marathon at Norton’s house. Dennis held the previous record for keeping a lady on the phone for two hours and twenty-six minutes. One night, Lorraine called a man named Mr. Pignati. She pretended that she…show more content…
Pignati to the zoo. When they go to see Bobo, a worker there says that Bobo has died. Mr. Pignati dies after he hears this, because Bobo’s death symbolizes Mr. Pignati’s will to live ending. Following Mr. Pignati’s death, John thinks about his father, and how he is old and could end up just like Mr. Pignatti. When John sees the Pigman’s coffin, he sees it as his own coffin, because he smokes, drinks and does not take care of his body. I think as a result of Mr. Pignati’s death, John will stop taking so many things for granted, and maybe appreciate his father
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