Analysis Of The Essay 'Ultimate Safari'

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Journeys play a central role in conveying a message to the reader in stories. A journey can be seen as the act of traveling, for a long time, from a certain place to another. In my essay, it can be seen how through The Ultimate Safari and Lorry Raja, the journeys present evidently convey the writer’s message to the readers. The Ultimate Safari reflects the greatest and wildest journey where danger and tension are entrenched in the hearts of the people due to the ongoing civil war. This brings rise to a totalitarian society where individuals are completely stripped off from any sense of freedom. The grandmother’s physical journey from Mozambique through the Kruger Park is not just great in terms of the lengthy distance, but also in the emotional aspect where her mentality gets challenged throughout the story. However, no matter how tough her journey was, sacrifices were still made to protect those she love. This can be seen as they constantly live in a state of fear, after experiencing the raids by the bandits, Grandmother had decided that they “would go away” from the bandits, away from her comfort zone. Before the journey, Grandmother had given her…show more content…
These challenges that they face have challenged their mentality which in The Ultimate Safari, is the grandmother 's sacrifices and in Lorry Raja, the loss of hope. Both characters which were focused on are similar. They lost hope at the end of the story, after everything they 've gone through. The grandmother in The Ultimate Safari had lost hope in going back to Mozambique to find her family members, as she is aware of the dangers if they leave the refugee camp, after spending her time in Kruger Park. Similarly in Lorry Raja, Siju had lost hope about having a bright future as he had tried but had no progress thus these two characters have experienced a lot to have lost
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