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Have you ever wondered about the greatness of many teams? Have you ever understood the struggle and adversity the Oakland Athletics have faced or the fame and fortune of the Los Angeles Dodgers? Both of these teams have great histories and have some definite differences. The start and the position has helped one team and hurt the other. Both teams can be compared together and contrasted apart. These teams have been in the position of victory and thrown in the pit of defeat. Both of these teams are put in major towns but the payroll is very different and have been influenced by this. The Los Angeles Dodgers payroll is very much higher than the Athletics. The Athletics have always been in the pit of the league and the Dodgers haven’t really been on the bad side. Both teams would be considered based on the region, very rich teams. There is one thing that sets the teams apart though. That is winning. The Dodgers have made more money and have able to offer more money because they play better and they win games. The Athletics haven’t had the money to provide for a team that could have a great franchise and could turn the organization around. The Athletics have always had been somewhat a losing team and their team has been below the .500 winning ratio.…show more content…
in because of the paragraph before. When I think of these franchises, I would see the Dodgers come before the Athletics. If you listed the teams that you know, the Dodgers would be more towards the top of the list. The popularity between the two teams is very offset. The Dodgers would be very much higher and more popular. The Dodgers have earned more respect from other franchises and had been known and heard many times. This difference isn’t very crucial but it is significantly different. These teams can be heard a lot because of the fact that they are located in cities that have been big. They have a lot of similarities in this

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