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The Los Angeles Clippers have the longest winning streak in the NBA with 9 straight games. All but one win without Blake Griffin, out because of injury. Whoopty damn doo. Sorry for my negative vibe, but I have been down on the Clippers since the gave up the western conference semifinals series to the Houston Rockets last year. They were up 3-1 in the series, then 3-2 with game 6 in their backyard. Up 20 something points in game 6, they coughed up (not choked because I am being nice) the game and eventually lost the series 4-3. Oh yeah, did I mention they also coughed up a couple games to the Golden State Warriors this year, which contributed to the Warriors record start so far. Different owner, different players but same old cursed Clippers.…show more content…
They are probably the 4th best team in the western conference behind Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder. Last year 's excuse was, their bench was thin and not deep. Well this year they acquired future hall of famer Paul " the truth" Pierce, Lance (Blow in your ear) Stephenson, Josh Smith (who shouldn 't have left Houston), veterans Wesley Johnson, Pablo Prigioni, Luc Mbah a Moute and Cole Aldrich. Along with Jamal " J-Cross" Crawford and Austin " Coach 's son" Rivers, we shouldn 't be hearing anymore excuses of why this talented team can 't get to the Western Conference. The inside joke is the only way the Clippers get past the second round of the playoffs is through their commercials. The pressure is on coach Doc Rivers to take this team to the promise land. Unfortunately they will never be Los Angeles team unless they get to the finals and win a championship. Until then, the Clippers will always be number two behind the Los Angeles Lakers.

As a solutions orientated person here are a five things that the Los Angeles Clippers might want to work heading to this year 's playoffs and be
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2. Will somebody tell Blake Griffin to work on his post up game instead of his jump shot and dribbling?? Blake is super talented, but what he fails to realize is that in the playoffs, the game is a half-court game and there isn 't too much running, gunning and dunking. Its mostly offensive sets and the book is out on the Clippers. If you slow them down and force them to play in a half court, they will struggle. Griffin has to work on getting better positioning on the block and not posting up on the wing. He also needs to work on a jump hook or turn around jumper. If he does, CP3 and others would be able to just drop the ball to him on the block in crunch time and let Blake go to work

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