Los Angeles Lakers Case Study

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When it comes to sports franchises the biggest markets are in Los Angeles and New York City. For so long it 's been the same way. Everyone wanted to play there and wear those jerseys and represent those big market teams. Not necessarily the case in today 's NBA.

The Los Angeles Lakers ' failure to lure a big-name free agent has been quite the popular discussion in the past few years. Why is that? Some criticize the sales pitch from the front office executives, some question whether or not players wanted to play with Kobe Bryant, etc. What people seem to forget is under the new collective bargaining agreement teams are limited in how much they can spend. They also charitably give even more money to their competition from profit sharing. Which allows small market teams to match them dollar-for-dollar, taking away most of the financial advantages that Los Angeles originally provided.
Another team that has been strongly affected by the new bargaining agreement is none other than the New York Knicks. Having Phil Jackson as your team 's President of Basketball operations isn 't another to counter the city 's big stage. It 's so much easier these days to receive fame or fortune that once only Los Angeles could give. We 're witnessing a perfect example of that in present day NBA with Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and LeBron James with the
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What needs to be realized is the draft is all about options. You can either draft a star, draft and stash, trade the pick, or even turn the pick into multiple picks and package them to trade for a star player. A variety of ways through the draft alone to make your team a contender. It should be clear by now that the best starting point for rebuilding remains through the draft. If more teams would change their approach and adapt to the change, we would have more competitive teams in the NBA. Everyone hates change at first, but often so after accepting that change is needed you 'll realize you should have made

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