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This summer I went on a mission trip with my church to Cuba for one week. We visited our companion church which is located in Los Arabos, It is four hours away from Havana. While we are in Los Arabos the people of the community were nice enough to let us live in their homes for a week. This was my second year going and it was a lot of fun helping the people and giving back to the community. Los Arabos is the complete opposite of Havana, its more farm land and open greenery while Havana is more touristy. Having been to Cuba both before the embargo act and after, I could really see a difference. For one, there was a lot more technology this year then there was last year. Some of the kids from Los Arabos had tablets and smart phones. There was even a cell tower that had been built recently in the city. As fas as…show more content…
One of the main ones is the fact that a lot of these people dont have clean water to drink. Through out the country there are " Living Waters" center where they have water filters that clean the water for the people and make it save for them to drink. Before our mission trip the water filter in Los Arabos unfortunatly broke. Even thought the pump was producing bad water the people still drank it because it was the only water they had. When we arrived to Los Arabos the first thing we did was help them fix the filter. The shaperones on our trip were trained by the Living Waters center to help fix the filters if anything like this were to happen. The water pumps were filled with magnesium and we litterally had to shovle it out. Once word got out around the community that we had fixed the filters and cleaned the pumps there was a giant mob of people surround the church. They all look happy and were thankful that we fixed it for them. Something as simple as water can make a huge diffence. In America we take water for granite and waste

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