Los Vendidos Analysis

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Los Vendidos is a play by Chicano playwright Luis Valdez. Luis Valdez was born in Delano, CA in 1940 and worked in the fields throughout this youth. He attended San Jose State University and majored in drama. In 1965 he then created El Teatro Campesino where he performed plays in local community centers and in the fields. With his plays he wanted to inspire the audience to social action, illuminate specific points about social problems, satirize the opposition, hint at a solution, and express the feelings of Chicanos. In Los Vendidos, Valdez uses humor to show how Mexicans have become stereotyped in certain categories. In the play there are four different models that have their own identities within the Mexican race and each identity stands for a stereotype society generally holds of Mexicans. Valdez wants the reader to analyze and comprehend the prejudices they may very well hold against the race. By reading this play people may realize how Latinos feel and how society treats them. The play begins at Honest Sancho's Used Mexican Lot, which is a play on a used car lot. It shows how Mexicans are seen as objects and shows how Mexican people…show more content…
The first stereotype is the farmworker and he represents the stereotype of a Mexican farmworker who is good at agricultural work and doesn’t speak any English. Miss Jimenez rejects this model because he does not speak any English. The next stereotype is the Pachuco and he represents the Pachucos who were stereotyped as thieves, arrested often, lives in Los Angeles, violent, and also always in trouble with the police. Miss Jimenez wants something more romantic though so they go to the third model. The third stereotype is the Revolucionario who represents that Latino we see in all the movies. He is traditional, romantic, and rides horses. Miss Jimenez rejects him though because he is completely Mexican and not even
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