Why Did The Central Powers Lose The First World War Essay

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Why did the Central Powers lose the First World War? The biggest reasons for the lose of the Central powers was the blockage of convoys from other powers, failure of the Schlieffen plan, and the German Spring Offensive. The most important reason being that fact that the Germans could not get the materials they needed. When you cripple a country’s armory and food shortages, eventually that would end them. Another important reason was the failure of the Schlieffen plan. If this plan would have succeeded, the war would have only been on the eastern front. Even when they didn’t have to fight a war on two sides, Germany messed up in the end with the Spring Offensive. They gained one million soldiers from Russia, due to their Revolution, and they chose to throw most of that army charging forward.
When speaking of convoys, it must be understood that the British owned the seas. They had the best naval army at that time and at time of war used it to take down any ships that were to support Germany. Logically, there was a huge famine by the end of the war. The second year into the war (1916), civilians were having to pay so much more on essentials. Soldiers also starved. Towards the end of the war
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But, there were many factors to why it did not work. One factor would be the resistance of Belgium. They assumed Belgium was going to surrender and allow passage through but they instead fought. This gave time for Britain to join in at the western front. Once passing Belgium, they falsely assumed they were going to sweep in and destroy france in a single blow. Since the BEF (British Expeditionary Force) had shown up, that was made impossible. 10 days after Germany’s journey to Belgium, Russia had invaded Germany with her enormous army. This forced the Germans to dive the soldiers to both sides, This doomed Germany up until Russia had the revolution. So, although she could have won the war from the start, she lost in the Spring
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