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I need to lose 5 lbs, where do I start
The key to losing weight is good diet and exercise. You need both parts to make it work. You DON’T need supplements, so just ignore anyone who says you do. All it takes is effort and a little bit of planning (to get healthy meals).
For diet– the first step is cutting out all fats and processed sugars– really– all of them! Then work on getting a balanced diet– most people eat way too many carbohydrates, which if unused by your body are converted to fats– and not nearly enough fruits and vegetables. the best advice I can give you is to limit your carb intake to 4-5 servings a day– an example of a serving is one slice of bread of 1/2 cup of uncooked pasta. And then “eat the rainbow” for fruits and vegetables– try to get a variety of colors in your diet– because basically
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so in order to lose weight you have two options– eat less, or exercise to burn calories. The best solution is a combination of the two. Simply eating less will make you lose weight, but it will also lead to malnutrition if taken too far– hence anorexia.
So it’s important to do both. I would recommend adding exercise into your daily routine slowly, so you don’t get overwhelmed– start with 20 min 2x per week; then slowly work up to longer more frequent work outs until you’re at 60+ min 3x per week. Just remember that your body needs time to rest in between, so if you want to increase your exercise– workout longer, not more often. Cardio is the fastest way to burn calories– so anything that gets your heart rate up will do– running, swimming, jumping rope, dancing, aerobics, whatever works best for you. you also want to be careful not to lose weight too fast. I would say aim to lose no more then 1-3 lb per week. This will give you body time to adjust to the

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