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Your best friend’s wedding is a month away and you just can’t seem to fit into your bridesmaid dress. GASP! Yes, all those wedding planning meetings with your bestie has resulted into this: 5 pounds of weight gain. What comes into your mind? You’d want a quick weight loss solution that do not only deliver fast results in a safe way. Though there are really no easy ways to do it, it is advised that the best way to lose weight is to do it gradually. THE PLAN. Yes, the goal is to lose weight. Now, think about how you’re going to get there. Before making a plan, it’s best to know the factors that may significantly affect your weight loss. a. Your metabolism— the process where you can tell how well your body turns calories into energy matters. b. Your mood— even the simplest trigger can matter since your mood…show more content…
Any workout will burn calories, but learn to use more calories by doing exercises regularly. The more activity you are able to do, the more your body demands energy, the more energy is demanded, the more calories you burn. DON’T FAST. Think of it this way: you gain pounds by eating, so by NOT eating, shouldn’t you lose a few pounds? Fasting is not a long-term solution to losing weight. It’s better to have a plan and stick to it, taking into consideration the factors that affect your overall weight loss. DON’T SKIP YOUR MEALS. Skipping meals is bad. If you’re busy and it would be impossible to eat on time, snack on a piece of fruit or an energy bar. If you let your body go hungry, you may end up binge eating. Remember: small frequent feedings. GET SOME Z’s. Sleep. You might think that lack of sleep may make you thin, it doesn’t. A lack of sleep slows down your metabolism and make you feel even hungry. Bottomline is, there are various weight loss plans that promise dramatic and effective results in a short span of time. Who hasn’t thought about losing weight FAST? Wouldn’t it be nice to do everything that

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