Loser Me Book Report

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Chapter 1: Loser Me!
In this book I am expressly only dwelling upon only those emotions that are needed to inspire you, my reader. Let me state here I was never the brightest, the most intelligent or the most beautiful in any phase of my life. I have always been cherubic plump since childhood giving other kids a lot of opportunity for creative name calling. I have never topped or scored above average. My upbringing was conservative middleclass with all its cultural limitations of a girl child growing up in India in the 90s.
My curfew was 6 pm. I was always home by 4pm. I had many friends in school but after school had no social life. In those days girls rarely ventured out anyway. And I was a home body. Happily involved in one or other of my creative pursuits. My father had bought me a small desk and chair. He always said if you want to do something important you need a place to think. It really made me feel important and grounded to have my own desk. As I spent my entire day after school at my desk drawing, writing gibberish poems and letters. At the age of five my father taught me how to write letters. It literally changed my life. Writing letters to my uncle in navy, attempting newspaper quizzes, letters to the editors about
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I always used double ‘o’, ‘e’ and used ‘and’ a lot in sentences. I even wrote letters in reverse. I still use a lot many adjectives to express a single object. I still do all these things. And the things I wrote were sometimes a total grammatical disaster. The only ambition my father had for me was to become a graduate in arts and to get married. In India only the dumbest children pursue arts. All the above average or even average children from good families are supposed to either become doctors or engineers. So you see my parents who were my idols had no ambitions from me. Till my junior school years I felt bad about myself. They thought I was a lost cause, a loser! And I believed them
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