Losing My Cool Character Analysis

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Rough Draft Code-switching generates new skills without even realizing. People who code-switch tend to exert their minds learning more than those who aren’t able to use code switching. There are different occasions where Thomas uses code-switching in the book Losing My Cool, and these actions were performed without the intent. While Thomas was around people who believed in the “hip-hop culture”, but he is critically thinking about the problems that the hip-hop culture could lead. However, the influence of his father was provoking Thomas to think more deeply about making the right decision by himself. On the other hand, the code-switching that Thomas was induced to, causing him to feel confusion about his real identity. Code-switching by Thomas, creates a progressive way to capture Thomas’s identity changes because he was analyzing focusedly onto its problems. For Thomas, it was common to code-switch depending on each occasion, since he had perceived the aspect of academic language and the dialect acquired for his race. When people switch from two types of languages or dialects often, it…show more content…
Besides, Thomas adepts this actions of violence to provoke fear in white kids. Such as the book, Losing My Cool (29-31) talks about how Thomas has been threatened by Bobby, a white kid that was older than Thomas. While this is the case Thomas ask his Michael, and Clarence to help him, which then turns out to generate fear on Bobby since they were acting like thugs. On the contrary, Thomas states, “the thing is, around other black kids, Clarence and Michael were not particularly tough. In fact, around other black kids like RaShawn, they weren’t tough at all”. This means that Michael, and Clarence were code-switching to agitate a sense of fear in Bobby. That aside, Thomas did not feel comfortable with his actions, which somehow, were taking him into a confusion of his own
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