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Successful weight loss: so hold on your motivation!
Healthy weight loss can be quite difficult and challenging periods. It is important to maintain your motivation during weight loss. We will explain how to do that!
Losing weight and maintain your motivation is difficult
The first week, you can lose weight simply persevere. You feel good and full of motivation. A few weeks later, however, it is all not so easy. You are now a number of kilos and your motivation collapses. You want to eat sweets again, it may now again, you're finally fallen!

While weight loss is sustaining the motivation for many people difficult. By using a "Slim File 'you can hold your motivation during weight loss better!

A Slim File: lose weight and maintain your motivation
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You can see what you've achieved in the past, how you step by step have come forward and what you've experienced it all while losing weight. You can see the number of kilos go down. Moreover, you can be motivated by your own stories about how you will feel when you reach your target weight.

If during the fall as a motivatiedip encounters go so read at your Sleek File to boost your motivation! Then you can write about here immediately. Stay there still working, so hold on your focus and motivation!

After losing weight, If you stay on weight!
Write next to your goal weight a margin for yourself. This margin is an area in which you let your weight fluctuate before you do something about it. You can agree with yourself that you always want to stay under a certain weight, or if you keep a margin of 2 kilos. You may be two kilos so arrive before you start losing weight again.

By weighing regularly, you can keep your weight under control. Once you see that your own margin violate you can intervene by holding a balance day or week. This will ensure that the kilos again to fly there and you eventually will yo-yo and. Read more about it here: Stay on Weight with a Weegdag!

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