Losing Your Marbles Lab Report

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In the experiment “Losing Your Marbles” we learned about momentum and conservation. We learned by dropping a marble down a ramp and timing how long it took it to get to a certain distance. Momentum means the mass, in grams, multiplied by the velocity, in cm/s. Or P= m x v. Conservation means something "stays the same." In this case it means that the momentum after a collision between marbles is the same as the momentum before the collision. In part one of this experiment we dropped a regular sized marble or marbles down a ramp and had it collide with 5 other marbles. First we dropped 1 marble and 1 marble was ejected from the group of 5. Then we dropped 2, then 3, then 4, then 5 and the same number of marbles we dropped was the same number of marbles ejected. We also observed that when dropped halfway up the ramp, the marble and the ejected marble were slower. The speed of the ejected marble was similar to the speed of the initial marble. In part two we found the mass of regular sized marble, dropped it down the ramp, timed its rolling for 30.0 cm, then recorded the data in a data table. After 3 trials we found the momentum with the equation p= m x v, recorded those results, and found the…show more content…
Even thouh the dropped marble or marbles lost their momentum it was just transferred to the ejected marble or marbles. In part 2 for the 1st trial momentum wasn’t conserved and the marble lost momentum. I think the momentum was lost because the mass of both marbles were the same and it stopped more of the marbles momentum. For the 2nd trial the momentum was pretty much the same, but it did increase a little. The 2nd trial’s momentum was conserved. I think the momentum increased because the mass of the shooter marble was more than the regular marble and the shooter marble’s momentum was stopped. Conservation of momentum means that the momentum of an object is the same as the momentum of that object after it has a collision or other

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