Loss Of Anxiety-Personal Narrative

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I leaned my head against the cold, tinted window, listening to the heavy raindrops pounding against it. While my mom, Mildred, kept fiddling with the radio stations and looking at me like she wanted to say something. She puts her tongue between the tip of her teeth, which she usually does when she is about to lash out.




“Lydia, this is your last chance of getting treatment for your anxiety! If Inlethaldoses doesn 't work out for you, baby doll, I don’t know what else to do.” My mom lets go of the steering wheel, to throw her hands in the air for exasperation. I quickly put her hands back on the wheel, so that she doesn 't lose control of it.

“Mom, everything is going to be okay, I just know this medicine is
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“Lydia, you and I both know what you said to me, excuse my language, is bullshit. I’ve been against you taking different medications since the very beginning, but I supported your decision for wanting to try them and giving my benefit of the doubt,” She’s silent for a moment.

“However, I think you really made a stupid mistake for wanting to try antidepressants in the first place. Don’t you even try to deny it, Lydia, you’re anxiety is worse than ever when you started taking them!” I could feel my tears burning through my visions, and I covered my ears because I just hate when people raise their voices at me. I feel suffocated when they’re booming voices tumble out of their mouths, especially right now.

I breath in and breath out, trying to get my breathing back to regular. My mom notices my irregular breathing, and her face softens immediately. She pulls over in the middle of the rode and puts the car in park. She gently puts her arms around me, knowing that I can be quite hesitant when people touch
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“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to get angry with you. It’s just hard for a mother to see their child in pain, and you can’t do anything to help them,” she brushes away my reddish brown curls from my face, which I usually use as a curtain to avoid eye contact from
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