Loss Of Compassion Analysis

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When I read this story the only thing I could think about was bravery, and how one man risked his life for what he thought was right. This story follows a medical resident doctor who traveled to Gettysburg for a casual getaway. On his car ride home, he witnessed a horrific car crash right before his eyes. The small pickup truck in front of him was struck in a violent collision by a Ford Bronco during its attempted left turn. While the driver of the Bronco seemed relatively unscathed, the driver of the pickup suffered the brunt of the accident. James approached the pickup only to see beer bottles inside, with the driver blue in the face due to a broken neck. James immediately thought of the consequences if he tried to help the man in critical condition, and failed. He would have lost his right to practice medicine, and probably have to deal with a lawsuit for the rest of his life. James decided to help the man, and succeeded even though there was a huge risk hanging over his head.…show more content…
They save lives every day and have to carry the weight on their shoulders if somebody dies. I never knew that some had to do their already tough job while, in the back of their head, thinking that messing up will cost them. This story is just anecdotal evidence of how brave people in the medical world are. With all the potential consequences brewing in his mind, James jumped to the call of action to not only help, but saves a drunk driver. It is through selflessness that Doctors perform the toughest, most critical job in the world. I aspire to use the natural instinct that every human has the potential to harness, to help the ones who need me the
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