Loss Of Faith In God In Night Essay

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The memoir “Night”, by Elie Wiesel provides insight into the terrors of the holocaust, a genocide of the jewish race and is described as “A slim volume of terrifying power” by the New York Times. One of the most important aspect of “Night” that differentes it from other World War II novels and causes it to receive such praise and acclaim is its ability to pull readers in and cause the readers to empathize with the characters in the book. One of the methods by which Wiesel achieves this is through his use of themes, such as the theme of loss of faith in god. Wiesel incorporates the theme of loss of faith in God in order to allow readers to empathize with the traumatic experiences of holocaust survivors. One such example of this is the apparent…show more content…
In order for the readers, to properly empathize with the characters, the story must first have some credibility to it which, in this case, is given by the theme of loss of faith in god. In the holocaust, while it was a massacre of all non-aryan races, Hitler particularly targeted the jews, putting the Jews into ghettos, granting them nonperson status and eventually, shipping to concentration camps where countless brutal, inhumane things were done to them including being put in gas chambers, thrown in the crematorium if they weren't fit and worked without any regards to their comfort or rights. Essentially, the Jews weren't treated as humans due to their faith. It would be strange if all of the jews continued to believe in god, a being supposedly all good and all powerful, when they have went without any signs of him for so long and faced persecution due to their believe in him. Thus, Wiesel uses the theme loss of faith in god in order to give credibility to the events in his memoir, for the ultimate purpose of getting the readers to empathize with the
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