Loss Of Innocence In Anaya's Bless Me, Ultima

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Throughout the novel, Antonio goes through difficult experiences while growing up and his loss of innocence-Innocence is something you can lose, and never find again- is profound. However, when Ultima arrives, she starts to guide him through the heaps of questions he has. Narcisco is shown as the town drunk, but is a good person at heart. Tenorio and his three daughters are the antagonists in this bildungsroman novel as they rival against Ultima and her curandera abilities. As soon as she arrives, Ultima whisks Tony on a journey and shows him that the impossible is achievable, along with his parents bickering about Tony’s future occupation. In Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima, archetype of guidance is used to show Ultima as a nurturer, she pushes Antonio to take risks and gives him the ability to question ultimately…show more content…
In Chapter Dos near the end, Antonio witnesses Lupito being shot right in front of him. After Antonio sees the shooting, the impact on him was massive. Although, no one except for Ultima knows that he saw the shooting, and when he comes home confused and scared, Ultima puts him to bed making sure he’s safe. That night, he has a dream about la llorona seeking his soul. Antonio’s mindset after this is different he seems slightly more mature throughout the book. After he sees Lupito get shot he questions god's presence, as well as fate. The fact that Tenorio becomes a murderer makes a place for him in hell. When Antonio witnesses the pain in Tenorio's eyes, Antonio wonders if Tenorio will ever be forgiven by god. In chapter 4,”’And I remembered my dream. Andrew had said that he would not enter the house of the naked women until I had lost my innocence. Had I already lost my innocence? How? I had seen Lupito murdered… I had seen Ultima's cure… I had seen the men come to hang her… I had seen the awful fight just now… I had seen and reveled in the beauty of the golden
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