Loss Of Innocence In Hamlet

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Hamlet’s Vengence Hamlet returned to Elsinore and received some shocking news that Hamlet’s mother had married his uncle. His expression was sad and upset all at once in his disgusted face of anger. There the door opened with the new king and the old queen entered and Hamlet standing like a tall tree and not moving like a stonewall. In the play Hamlet,by Shakespeare, Hamlet the prince of Denmark was listening to his uncle Claudius about his marrige and and him exhibiting happiness about it while Hamlet looks ashamed. As his uncle advised him to stay in his home he grows into rage about everything that happened when he came back because Claudius was having a party while he was stuck in his own house waiting for them to return. Hamlet is justifiably…show more content…
As a result,Hamlet can never trust his uncle’s wicked ways to get into people’s heads. Hamlet was betrayed by his friends because they worked for Claudius and gave orders from him,which caused him to not trust them either. For example,when Claudius summons Guildenstern and Rosencrantz to spy on Hamlet,Claudius said,”see if you can make Hamlet feel better and see if you can get info on what he is up to”(Shakespeare 87). This behavior shows evil purposes and twisted words. Claudius sends Hamlet’s friends to make him happier but also use them to see if Hamlet is mad. Plus Claudius continues to see if he can find out what is causing his madness. In addition,when Hamlet’s deceitful friends look for Polonius’s body and asks Hamlet where it is,Hamlet said,”You sir are a sponge. Yes,sir,a sponge that soaks up the king’s approval,his rewards,and his decisions”(Shakespeare 218-219). This behavior showed disloyalty and not telling the truth. When they look for the old man’s corpse and they go to Hamlet he tells them to go to his uncle to serve as slaves who will be paid instead of working for Hamlet to just serve him for friendship. So this pushes Hamlet to lead his friends to their death. As a result,Hamlet was betrayed by his comrades who works for a king that is a murderer who took another king’s…show more content…
For example,when the ghost of King Hamlet secretly reveals to Hamlet what happened to how he died,the ghost said,”that snake poured a vial of henbane poison into my ear”(Shakespeare 65). This behavior displayed pure evil and treachery. When the ghost boldly tells Hamlet about the poison Hamlet is in shock and surprised and tells him that the snake that killed him was his uncle who took his crown. This led Hamlet to make sure that he pays for taking everything from him. In addition, when Claudius killed Hamlet’s father while he was living in peace,the ghost said,”He cut me off in the middle of a sinful life”(Shakespeare 65). This behavior caused disrespect and cruelness. While the king is sleeping like he is in heaven Claudius took that from him and sent him into purgatory. This made Hamlet feel even more angry against his uncle and wants to put him to an end. As a result,Hamlet wants to destroy Claudius for every wrong deed he did. Canales 3 Hamlet is severely motivated into killing for his actions. It shows that Hamlet is vicious against his uncle. As we can see the evil snake Claudius married Hamlet’s mother who lost her husband. Now that it was revealed Hamlet inside is plotting to find a way to break them apart. So time to see whether someone’s family member’s new marrige is obvious or suspicious for you to decide that

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