Loss Of Innocence In John Proctor's Death

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John Proctor died to protect his honor and the honors of the others that died but his death did just the opposite because he forfeited his treasured honor by becoming one of the hanged. Reverend Hale tried to warn him of this even till the point when he was hung. Hale screamed out, “Shall the dust praise him [Proctor]? Shall the worms declare his [Proctor’s] truth?”(Miller 134). Proctor’s death was meant to preserve his name, but he ultimately lost his life. Proctor died as a martyr for others to understand the value of honor, however, he buried the truth with him. Instead, he should have defended his innocence as a pure Puritan instead of dying as a condemned warlock in the eyes of the court; this would have disproven the court’s suspicion
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