Loss Of Knowledge In Frankenstein

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Eventually, light could be a sign of knowledge and enlightenment that need to be using it cautiously and wisely; however, if it manipulates beyond the capacity of someone’s knowledge, it could be destructive and mortal like Victor does. Victor uses his knowledge to the extent to create a life form although this creature is causing negative effects on him and his family, yet his intelligence which is being creative doesn’t succeed him in life because he goes beyond his capability and couldn’t control the scruffy of the destruction he made instead the new creature ends up murdering loved ones. Even Victor himself affirms that, “[H]ow dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge…, than he who aspires to become greater than his nature will allow”…show more content…
In spite of not mentioning the above, Walton’s endeavoring going to North Pole indicates the human beings advancement in technology “eternal light.” Nowadays, people all over the nations are advance with technology and therefore their life’s is much easier; for instance, because of advanced technology people could fly to another country within a day or two that used to take months. In the meantime, fire indicates the advancement of knowledge and the destruction of life as well. Fire could be destructive and harmful if it not used properly as Prometheus acts. Victor Frankenstein who robs God’s secret and creates a form of life faces the accountabilities of a creator; severely punished for thieving the secret of fire from the gods and gave it to humankind. For the monster, it is wonderful things to find the fire that gives him warm, and provides him safety and comfort in the dark and cold though it harms him and he decides not to remain around to it. In other words, even though, people are advance and accomplishes in science and technology evolution, people ought not to interfere in the God’s creature especially with life and death at
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