Loss Of Other Son Theme

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An unfortunate common theme for this section of “The Warmth of Other Sons”, was loss. There were many individuals who suffered loss of a loved one in this section which concluded to some losing a part of themselves. I believe that Robert suffered the most loss. Robert’s love for Alice was very evident. It was specifically shown when he described their anniversary and the roses Robert would arrange for Alice every year. Wilkerson writes, “Each year I added one red rose to that bouquet...Each anniversary one more ribbon” (2010 pg 444). Like most individuals in this section, Alice died young at only fifty-four. Her loss fed into the addiction of Robert’s gambling. He now had nothing holding him back from making a day trip to Vegas whenever he pleased. His addiction caught up to his professional life and we was involved at an altercation at the hospital. From that moment, his reputation was damaged and a heart attack forced him to give up his job for good. Losing Alice was only the start of Roberts loss in the years to come. As soon as she was gone, it was a downhill spiral for him. Losing Alice led to Robert losing himself. …show more content…

Wilkerson writes about George, she says, “George had an enlarged heart and had already suffered two heart attacks” (2010, pg 448). Ida Mae was away when George passed, Wilkerson writes in Ida Mae’s memory, Ida Mae remembers, “The doctors said he’s never pull out of another one” (2010, pg 449). Ida Mae referring to a heart attack, she did not know leaving that weekend it would be the last time she saw her husband. With the loss of George, Ida Mae had to find her new role in her family and the new responsibilities she would take on. Unlike Robert, Ida Mae was able to hold herself together, but the loss did take a toll on her. After being married for years and living her life surrounded by her husband, continuing to live life is hard for

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