Loss Of Pride Theme

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Furthermore, friendships can be ruined by the discrepancy in ideals, as shown by Thomas More and The Duke of Norfolk. The Oath of Supremacy was mandatory and everyone in England had no choice but to take it. Thomas and Norfolk were once very good friends, though Thomas’ refusal in taking the Oath of Supremacy brought their relationship into forced conflict. No man can serve two masters, and since Norfolk serves the King, he cannot stay friends with any man such as Thomas, who opposes the King’s wishes. Throughout the play, Norfolk pressures Thomas to go against his morals to coincide with the King’s requests. As Thomas is attempting to get a boat, Norfolk joins him and the two men begin to argue about their friendship. Norfolk tells Thomas, “Give in” (Bolt, 121). though his attempt to convince Thomas to cave in fails. Thomas…show more content…
I can’t. Our friendship’s more mutable than that” (Bolt, 121). This shows how Thomas will always stay true to himself and will stand for what he believes in even though it caused conflict in their friendship. Norfolk asks, “ Can’t you do what I did and come with us, for fellowship?” (Bolt, 132). Thomas responds, “And when we stand before God, and you are sent to Paradise for doing according to your conscience, and I am damned for not doing according to mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?” (Bolt, 132). Norfolk wants Thomas to join his “fellowship” for Thomas’ own sake and the sake of their friendship. To join Norfolk’s “fellowship” he must state the oath though Thomas couldn’t do so since this oath was going against what he stood for. Thomas’ morals were very different compared to everyone else and thus he refused to obey the King’s wishes. Taking this oath would mean sacrificing his morality, which was not worth Norfolk’s “fellowship.” The difference in their principles resulted in the conflict between Thomas and Norfolk, ruining their friendship and leaving no choice to Norfolk but to send his own very good friend to his
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