Loss Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The Character of Jay Gatsby in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby There is always something hindering Jay Gatsby from obtaining the "American dream". Jay Gatsby loved Daisy Buchanan, but he couldn't have her because he was once a part of the lower class. Daisy is a part of old money upper class, but Gatsby had to work for his wealth. Gatsby is never entirely accepted into the upper class, but he tries so hard to get something that he can never have that he loses his life in the process. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby the Character of Jay Gatsby conveys the theme that the American dream is unattainable. Gatsby is initially a part of the lower class, and because of that he cannot have Daisy Buchanan. When Nick talks about Gatsby's …show more content…

He does everything he can to get her attention. When Nick and Jordan were talking at one of Gatsby’s parties Jordan says “I think he half expected her to wander into one of his parties, some night, but she never did” (79). Gatsby’s main goal is to please Daisy and get her attention. He did everything from buying a colossal mansion right across (the bay) from hers, throws extravagant parties hoping she would come to one of them. Gatsby himself didn’t enjoy the parties he would just watch the door to see if she came. Since Jay Gatsby is from West Egg (new money) everything he has is flashy: his house, car, and clothing. His car was so bright Tom even called it a circus wagon. Gatsby did everything that he could do to try to impress Daisy and show off his wealth. Trying to get Daisy eventually hurt Gatsby. After Daisy marries Tom, Gatsby was hurt he was just “loafing along the beach that afternoon in a torn green jersey” (98). Before The Buchanan’s got married Gatsby and Daisy were together and they were in love. Gatsby didn’t have the money that Daisy wanted at the time so she picked Tom because he did (he was born wealthy). Both Daisy and Tom Buchanan are from East Egg (old money), however Gatsby wasn’t. The people who live in East Egg are completely different compared to the ones in West Egg, therefore Daisy and Gatsby couldn’t be together. Jay Gatsby isn’t all that Daisy …show more content…

Tom Buchanan never views Gatsby as anything but the lower. While Tom and Gatsby are arguing Tom tells Nick “He threw dust into your eyes just like he did in Daisy’s” (178). Gatsby was once a part of the lower class; his parents were poor farmers. The people of East Egg look down on everyone who isn’t a part of their social class, even if you lived in West Egg. They felt as if they were more superior because their ancestors were wealthy. The upper class view the lower class as dust. No one likes dust, when you see dust somewhere you wipe it off because it diminishes the value of and object if there is dust on there. They compared Gatsby to dust because he was once poor but now that he is wealthy he tries to show off but Tom doesn’t like that. When Nick was talking about Gatsby after he died he said “he must’ve felt that he has lost [and], paid a high price for living too long with a single dream” (161). Jay Gatsby does everything he can to get Daisy back but nothing seems to work. With all of his efforts he gets nothing in return except being murdered, because he tried too hard. At the very end of the story Nick says that Gatsby had come “a long way, and his dream must have seemed so close that he failed to grasp it.” (180). By the end of the story Gatsby comes a long way but he still didn’t get what he ultimately wants which is Daisy. At one point he had

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