Lossless Data Compression Techniques Essay

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Lossless Data Compression Techniques: A Case Study Meena kumari M.Tech CSE Deptt.BPSMV khanpur kalan (sonipat) E-Mail: meena.boora24@gmail.com

Compression is a technique of representing the information in a compact form. It is a most requirement technique for compressed the computerized application. It reduces the amount of data and also decrease transfer time. Data compression used in files storage and distributed system. There are two type of data compression “lossy” and “lossless” but this paper examines
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Assign a 0 and 1 code word to the two branches of the tree on the path from the root. After the Huffman tree, the method creates a prefix code for each node from the alphabet by traversing the tree
B 15
C 10
A 20
D 5 Building a Huffman code tree short the list in order the characters from highest to lowest frequency of occurrence as follows:

20 15 10 5

Figure -2 Huffman algorithm

Tracing down the tree gives the "Huffman codes", with the shortest codes assigned to the characters with the greatest frequency: A 0 B 10 C 110 D 111

Advantages and disadvantages:

Huffman’s algorithm is generating less redundancy codes compared to other algorithms. It uses coding in text, image, video compression, and conferencing system such as, JPEG, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 etc [9] .Compression ratio and memory space is low.

2.4 Arithmetic Coding:

It is more advanced than Huffman coding. Arithmetic coding changes the method of replacing each bit with a codeword. There for it replaces the string of input data with a single floating point number as an output. The main purpose of the algorithm is to given an interval to each potential bit data [10].
Basic arithmetic coding iteration: range = high -
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