Lost And Found Finding Hope In The Honey Of Life Analysis

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T.D. Jakes is Expecting...Another Grandchild Sarah Jakes Roberts is expecting a child with her husband Toure Roberts. The two are excited, as are the grandparents. Things have been looking up for the young Roberts who not long ago found herself in quite different circumstances. "If you had told me the girl who got pregnant at thirteen and felt like the black sheep child of America 's favorite preacher would now be a twenty-five-year-old single mom, divorcée, author, motivational speaker, TV personality, ministry director, and senior editor, I never would have believed you," Sarah Jakes wrote in her memoir "Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life." Then, in 2014, 25-year-old Sarah Jakes married 41-year-old Touré Roberts, the senior pastor of One Church International in Hollywood in a private ceremony. "We got away. We left town and we went and had a very private, intimate ceremony because we wanted it to be about us. We really wanted it to be about us and it was a beautiful, beautiful sunset ceremony on a fine beach." Both have been married previously and have children, two are hers and three are his.…show more content…
And He loves to help us find our way when we turn to Him and ask directions." Part of God 's plan for Sarah and Toure involves a new child. Last Sunday, Roberts shared with the One Church congregation that child number six would be joining the family. It will be the first the new husband and wife will have had together. "For Touré and I, having a child together is the organic overflow of the love that we have been so blessed to share," she

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