Lost And Lord Of The Flies Comparison Essay

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Have you ever thought of how comparable two characters from two different books or Tv shows can be or how a character can save so many people 's lives and receive so much hate behind his back? The book “Lord Of The Flies” by William Golding and the show Lost shows the numerous amount of comparisons between the characters. Jack from lost and Ralph from lord of the flies have multiple similarities. They both try and help when everything is going downhill and they have hopes of getting rescued but some of the characters are not cooperating and they are immensely careless about the situation. The following show and the movie have many apparatus in common. Lost is a show that has about forty-eight survivors of the plane crash on a deserted island…show more content…
The show lost and the book lord of the flies have many differences and similarities with each other. In lost since there were more adults that were more matured, everyone was panicking over the plane crash but in lord of the flies, since most of the survivors were young children between ages six to twelve, a lot of the characters were more immature and they were acting like the plane crash was no big deal. I believe Jack from lost could be a great leader because when the plane crash occurs, he tries his very best to help everyone out specially the people that are injured since he is a doctor. There’s also a drowning scene that occurs in episode 5 of lost where jack swims to save the woman that was seeking for help. jack is very intelligent and he wants everyone to cooperate with each other so everybody can get the work done. Nevertheless, leading a large group of people can be very difficult at times but jack from lost managed to do it but in one of the seasons he stated that he was very tired of doing everything and not everyone cooperating which also Ralph and Piggy stated many times in lord of the flies as well. Jack from lost seems to have a lot of hopes and he is hoping that they will get rescued but at the same time he expects the worst as well. Jack indicates that that they could either live together or die alone by saying “A rat would always lead to his hok.” from lost episode 5. This shows that he wants everyone to contribute in everything they do on the island until they get
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